Bumblebee Cardioid Condenser Microphone [106890]

  • Unique condenser microphone for any computer or tablet with a USB port
  • Integrated headphone amplifier for monitoring on the move
  • Seperate sonic modes for music, voice and neutral recordings
  • Clever boom arm and swivel desing makes positioning easy
  • Powered completely by USB for a neat set-up
  • 20Hz to 20 kHz range covers the entire auditory range
  • Built in controls for mic and headphone volumes
  • Includes honeycomb pop filter to get pro level recording without unwanted interference

Home recording has advanced leaps and bounds over the last decade, more and more technology is coming to market that means you can achieve professional grade recordings without the pro price tag. The Neat Bumblebee Cardioid Condenser Microphone is a great example of this. Quirky, cool, fun but with some serious technology, this is the ideal microphone for anyone recording with USB capable devices.

Clever bee

The Proprietary 24mm condenser capsule is mounted in a robust head that sits on a boom arm complete with swivel plate which makes optimal positioning incredibly easy. Simply get ready to sing or sit comfortably with your instrument, pull the mic close and begin getting epic recordings.

On the base-plate of the Neat Bumblebee you have easy controls to adjust both microphone and headphone levels with ease, no need to open control panels or use extra hardware to get the best levels for the job.

Neat hive

Because the Neat Bumblebee only needs a single USB cable for both audio and power, you can keep a tidy workspace with no excess cable in your way. Simply plug the included USB cable into your Mac, PC, tablet or phone (with USB connectivity) and begin your vocal or instrumental masterpiece.

The Neat Bumblebee also comes with a honeycomb pop-shield that instantly cuts out unwanted wind noise that can occur with ‘P’ and ‘B’ vocal sounds. All said, the Neat Bumblebee Cardioid Condenser Microphone has everything you need straight out of the box to start recording with your device of choice. Plug in and start making honey!

Author: Raymond

Raymond Dickerson is a graduate of Arts and Culture from the University of the Philippines. She is also a contributor in 40elmusical.com and she has been deeply passionate towards arts, music and other forms of entertainment.